Thursday, August 12, 2010

Review of Ruthless_KK

It's been a while since I've posted any updates on this blog. I suppose because it has gone so slowly that I've come to the point of almost giving up on it.

But then I realize; Rome wasn't built in a day and I must continue to be persistent if I am to succeed.

On to Ruthless_kk, or as I will refer to her in her given name;  Ruth.

Ruth is one of my judges for my monthly challenges and I consider her the main judge as she's been with me from the beginning and she also devised the very fair scoring system we use. She's a very intelligent and logic minded individual and I highly respect her for that.

Ruth is well known for her talents with Victorian architecture but she is not limited to that. I've watched her talents since TS2 and I know she has a far ranging ability with building in the Sims environment.

Lets see; where to get started with her body of work. I think I will start with a Victorian called "Willow Bend". I particularly liked the color of this house as I'm a fan of turquoise or blue-greens; I'm not sure which to call it. It features a garden on one side of it and a wrap around porch.

I think the architecture is done very smartly with the roof section around the porch and the dormer on the roof.  I'm still new to Victorian design but I think this is a classical but unique at the same time. I will say I'm not a fan of the red brick walk way but it does match well with the chimney on the left side of the house.

I think a question anybody ask themselves when they first look at a house, though it be in real life or in the Sims environment is "Would I enjoy living there?" That is one of the qualities of Ruth's homes is the feeling of invitation to come rest your weary bones and enjoy the simple pleasures of this simple home.

Lets take a look at the interior of  this simple home. First is the living room:

Now I'd like to mention that I think this house was built before the advent of certain store items, stuff packs and expansion packs and was built with some of the base game items. I'd have to confirm that with her but I think so. Still Ruth was able to still create a comfortable home that is not only inviting, but subtlety sumptuous. The colors are quiet and simple and yet compelling. Those who know me, know I'm one for bright colors but I can appreciate the softer side which this room shows.

Now this kitchen is much more my taste:


I love a cheery kitchen. There's something about a room that is the first place you're going to spend time in the morning for a  hearty breakfast of eggs and hash-browns. Her simple geometric stripe on the walls and the old fashion cabinets and dining chairs completes the picture for me.

Here's the link to this house for those who'd like to own it:

Lets move on to another fine house that I particularly liked that Ruth calls the Suburban. 

I really like the colors and textures along with the architecture of this house. The porch with it's white columns and then the green trimming makes for a very attractive picture and I know if I drove by it on the street, I'd have thoughts of  "What a nice little home this is". Knowing me, I'd also be thinking about the price too. LOL!!! Then, that of course would depend on the town and area it's in.

The living room:

Again, a quite, subtle room with simple colors and not overdone.

This nursery I think has a really nice color combination.

I am a fan of red for sure and the way she uses it in this room is wonderful. I would have done something different with the chair but other than that, a wonderful room. This room reminds me of why we need rockers. I came from a family that believed in the Mother rocking her baby to sleep at night in a rocking chair.

The link to this house is:

Now to be fair, I should also show you something Ruth has done beyond Victorian. I think this next house is a fine example. I don't particularly know what style it is but I will call it "70's Modern". I'll be waiting for a correction of that but it reminds me of the 70s, so I will call it that, and believe me; Fidler well remembers the 70s; the days of my youth.

To me, this house is very well put together as far as the structure. I also like the great combination of blue wood paneling and masonry. Then the throw in of rock around the door is a sign of pure genius on Ruth's part. I've seen many builders try to use three different textures on homes before and usually with terrible results. I usually advise against it. But Ruth, being the master she is has proven it can be done and with great results. I really love the flower bed built into the side of the house ont he left and the front fireplace. I suppose she may have gotten this idea from a real house but a great choice. The white stone walkway also works really well with this house.

A bedroom;

Ruth's use of the accent stone wall in this room is exceptional. There's a slight clash going on with the lamp shades but easily overlooked. Her color coordination is very well pulled off and makes this room a delightful and cheerful oasis.

I tried to find this house in Ruth's studio without luck. I will hopefully get an update to share with you folks once I can talk to Ruth again and possibly get that link.

As I went through her studio looking for this link, I was pleasantly surprised at her many beautiful homes. Though I love her Victorians, I especially liked the homes she stepped out of her usual box and built.  Saying that, I think it would serve any of you well to go to Ruth's Studio and take a look at many of her fine homes. I'm sure you will enjoy the trip. Here is the link for her main studio:

I'll be keeping an eye on this builder for future masterpieces.



Anonymous said...

Another great review Fid, Ruthie is definately one of my favourite builders, and offers so much to the community. Jasnik :-)

fidlerten said...

Thanks Jasnik,

I appreciate you making a comment. Look for updates to this blog soon.


Polly said...

Great review. Ruth was one of my first inspirations for building. She is a super builder and produces lovely interiors.

Nicely written


fidlerten said...

Thanks Polly, I appreciate your comment.


BluebellFlora said...

Great review Fid. Ruth really is one of the best designers out there. Looking forward to your next one! BluebellFlora :)

fidlerten said...

Hi BluebellFlora,

I appreciate you coming by and leaving a comment. I'll get by your blog too and see what's up.