Friday, July 30, 2010

garbuckle3000's Review

This particular builder is one of my favorite people as well as a great builder. He is also a very versatile builder as I've seen him design wonderful older traditional homes, especially large estate type homes, but also he has a great talent for modern architecture too.

Let me start out with one of his traditional homes; Briston Hall II. He has two versions of this house. One of them has been in my studio for the longest as he use to have a problem uploading some of his larger homes to his own page. That one was very successful and now he has a version on his own page.

This house is of course a very grand home with a circular drive and a fountain out front that is one of garbuckle's many innovative creations. A green house on the right and guest house on the left. The landscaping is well done and fits the type of home it is.
Garbuckle is also a fine decorator. Some of the features of this home is a large theater; an indoor pool  as well as an outdoor pool; many bedrooms with fireplaces and each bedroom has it's own design. Allot of thought went into this house and I can tell there was also allot of focus which is the mark of a great builder.

Personally, I think garbuckle doesn't get the attention he deserves. He is so multifaceted in his creativity though it be his architecture, his landscaping, or his interior design.

He does put too many rooms in a house as far as I'm concerned. Working with him on a few projects I find myself searching for different ideas for each of his many rooms. Neither the less; this is a builder that is worth keeping an eye out for.

Here's the link for this house; the latest version:
And the slideshow which you've just got to see to believe:

Now lets see something totally different. This next house will show you what I mean by versatile.
S2S Moderna is a fine example of a modern home. This one really isn't even my favorite but the one I like most doesn't have a slideshow I'm sorry to say. At least not one that's posted.

Still, I love this home and appreciate the way he used the two different color tones on the exterior. The search lights are also a grand idea. What is probably the most prominent and most creative points of this house is the sunken pool in the back which is a must see, with steps leading down into it.
The interior features skylights, a huge television room and large kitchen. Garbuckle has a tendency to build everything big. You'd think he was moving in an army with all that he includes with his build. Huge families will find plenty of bathroom space and bedrooms galore in a garbuckle3000 homes. I now know what the 3000 stands for; 3000 rooms! I kid of course.
Here's the link for this house:
And the slideshow:
Now, I've just got to show all of you an assortment of all the different types of homes that come out of this great builder.

The Eleanor:

Sung Song Strand:
 This is actually my favorite of his modern homes but I didn't see a slideshow on this one in his designer thread. what a wonderful piece of architecture!
There are many more I'd love to show you but I'll just show you one more to convince you of the many different designs this builder can build.

Kefalos Bay:

Can't you just imagine living in such a gorgeous home right next to the beach?

Garbuckle; we all look forward to seeing more great builds from you!



Garbuckle has provided me with a new link and a slideshow for Sung Song Strand.

Here they are:



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