Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miami/CaliforniaBound Review

So it's finally time to review CB who was suppose to be the first review I reviewed but something got lost in the communications.

First, I'd like to say that Miami/CaliforniaBound (If he ever decides which direction he's actually going; just teasing of course) is one of the best architects in the Sims 3 environment. He has been a little slow in promoting his work but there's no doubt that his talent is exceptional.

I really don't know where to start, so I'll start where he started when he decided to build a showcase thread at

This first lot is amazing which is a park called the Monolith.

This park is a fine example of the great command that CB has over CFE (ConstrainFloorElevation) cheat code. He also has a fine eye for landscaping.

This next "Mansion" I haven't figured out what he calls it; is a real stunner.

A gold dome with a teal roof, the architecture here is incredible. His landscaping also is a perfect match for a such a Taj Mahal styled home. A great combination of color also with the teal, gold and white trimming.

I think that CB needs to work on his promotion of his lots as this would definitely allow more simmers to know of his work. I'm sure he already has a large fan base and it will continue to grow.

Miami/California is also looking for a good interior designer. I'd love to oblige myself if I wasn't already caught up with so many projects; this one included. So if you think you got the talent to do some collaboration with this extremely talented individual, I encourage you to join the members of which I'm an active member of and offer your talent. Be sure to be ready to show some photos of your work.

I'd like to also share with you a link to a slide show that CB provided for us of his baroque eco home .

I hope we get a chance to see much more from Miami/CaliforniaBound in the future. I would sure like to do a follow up review once he has finished some more amazing projects.

Also, here's a link to CB's studio page at TS3 if any of you would like check out some of his other work;download and recommend:

CaliforniaBound's Studio


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