Saturday, July 17, 2010

Peacemaker_ic/ A Review

Hey Everyone!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to give up on Miami/California Bound until later. I need some more to photos to work with as far as his work goes.

Instead, I'm going with my good friend; peacy here and go through some of his houses that I particularly like. I have to say that peacmaker is a very talented and creative builder;  using innovative ideas throughout his work.

The house I want to start with is his Seaspray.

As you can see, the architecture is amazing. Peacemaker has a great command of CFE and uses it well. I have no idea how he designed the roof here but this is one of his most amazing builds. Also the interior design is clean and very modern, keeping with the architectural design.

For download of this lot go to:

Now, onto another Peacemaker_ic house.

The Cortona

This is the second house he has in a series of Tuscan houses and my favorite from the series.

Slide show:

This house is of course your more traditional type of house as far as it's style. I particularly like the balcony with the black fencing and there is a pond behind the  house that is lavishly landscaped.
Peacemaker uses allot of gold in his interior which gives a very rich design. Also his two story living room was well designed and very luxurious.

Download from here:

I will say that I think by a review of Peacemaker_ic's work is that he is a very versatile builder with a far, wide ranging ability to design whatever style of house that he so desires. He showed by his house "Seaspray" that he also very creative and innovative.

He is also a featured member of Sims 3 but anyone who knows me, knows that don't mean much to me. But still, if anyone deserves to be a featured member, Peacemaker is one of them.


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hazentw said...

A fine tribute too one of my mentors, thanks Fid.